StressedOn Tuesday evening I got home (before I toddled off to the games evening at Colleen’s place) and I felt like shit. I was completely stressed out, my body and mind were exhausted, my eyes couldn’t focus and even my wrist was in pain. It isn’t often that work gets to me like this, hell it is almost never thanks to the fact that I work in a non-corporate environment, but the last couple of weeks of work has really been getting me down. It has kind of been like I’m swimming in a never ending sea and for each wave I cross there is another one behind it, waiting to swamp me at the first opportunity it gets.

The main source of this added pressure at work is coming directly from a couple of non-web related projects I have found myself responsible for and with the influx of the new year web work has meant that I can’t sufficiently cope on my own. And because I am the only one responsible for the web and software development in the department, it really has been a feeling of being utterly isolated and alone. Man, it has been quite a while since I’ve missed my old assistant let me tell you!

So I thought about it, considered it and Chantelle made me enforce it, but yesterday I didn’t pitch up for work – at all. I slept in nice and late, phoned in sick and then got started on working from home. The laptop was humming and in the end it was a far more relaxing environment to work in, removed from all the noise and distractions that come from the office and in the end I actually managed to get a ton of work done all while de-stressing at the same time. I can see just why Ryan enjoys working from home so much!

The day went by rather quickly in the end and at 18:30 I found myself in bed for a quick break from work just to read some manga and relax a little… only to awaken at 22:30 thanks to a phone call from Chantelle who was trying to figure out why I hadn’t been in contact with her the whole evening! Bewildered and dazed, I had a nice chat with C before stumbling out of bed and procuring late night supper in the form of the handy McDonalds situated right next to the flats. :)

And seeing that I was now nice and awake, I finished off the last couple of episodes of Read or Die: The TV before once more hitting the sack and waking up completely renewed and refreshed this morning. So thanks Babes for making me stay at home for a change – I owe you one! ;)