Contact LensLast night I finally got off my lazy ass, put my work aside and strode off to the badminton court for some stress-busting fun. I’m glad I did because someone had finally seen fit to wash the court floor and for the first time in months we could play some decent games because it was now actually possible to change direction without sliding off and breaking some chairs. And because it wasn’t so slippery I paid less heed to my bum knee and after the night’s activities I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had given me no hassles whatsoever! Maybe I am finally on the mend at last :)

The only downer to last night’s games was the unbelievable heat and humidity of the hall. I eventually called it a night and literally dripped back to my car in the puddle of sweat that I had now become. Icky to say the least.

I did however learn something last night which was the last thing I would ever have expected – I discovered that I had finally managed to retain both my contact lenses for well over 30 days! This is the first time ever that I’ve gotten through their usable period without scratching, tearing or losing them so I was mightily chuffed I’ll have you know.

However, not so great is the fact that my left eye has now undoubtedly become weaker and I guess it is off back to the optometrist I go…