Have you ever wondered just how much of a liability Google can be sometimes? Let’s have a look at a classic example. On Friday le_chiffre posted this poorly structured and horribly written comment on my blog (obviously English is not his first language so I can forgive him for the poor quality of it).

Of course, the first thing I do with this poorly typed comment is Google the supplied email address because that’s the kind of thing I like doing. (Google results here)

And what should be the first result that turns up? Why this rather interesting post he dropped on Gumtree:

Black French male seeking hot sexy white Indian or black ladies …

If u interested for a french affair please don’t hesitate to email me at parcrome@gmail.com with your photos. I will sure get back to you with mine and if we …

(You can see the original post here)

Now of course my first instinct was to laugh and this poor sucker being shown up like that, but that quickly turned into a shudder when I thought about just how many people use a common email address for all their surfing and posting habits, be it kosher or not quite so kosher if you know what I mean.

Google is a wonderful tool that can be used for tremendous good, but in the wrong hands it can be quite devastating, so be warned – Google is tracking your every step! If you don’t look after your private affairs then they may very well not remain all that private for very long.
You have been warned. Big Brother has spoken.