Gordons Beach LodgeSeeing as the whole week had been overtime work anyway, the weekend was destined to be pretty much more of the same. So for the first time in ages, I’m going to have almost nothing to report in what will probably be my shortest Weekend in Review write-up EVER!

Friday work was as busy as always and thankfully because it wasn’t my half-day I at least had a couple of more hours to try and get as much work crammed in as possible. On the way home I swung by mom’s place to quickly pick up my parcel that had arrived from Take 2 (my last one for quite some time I would think) which included my much anticipated Eyeshield #21 volume 3, Zombie Powder volume 1 and one of the older Castlevania titles for the old PS2 which I had picked up online for dirt cheap. Not that I had time to browse through any of these new arrivals of course – on getting home it was straight to work as I quickly strove to get the place neatened up and the last of the week’s ironing tucked away.

The reason for my haste was my promise to Chantelle that I would come through and spend the evening with her in Gordon’s Bay as my poor bokkie was still on 24/7 duty as she had been the whole week. My brilliant plan for the weekend was to go through and spend Friday and Saturday evening with her at the guesthouse where she is currently staying and then spend Saturday day cooped up in her flat working via my laptop. It was a brilliant plan because a) I got to see Chantelle who I haven’t seen in five days (or an eternity according to her) and b) I got a nice quiet environment to do my work in with minimum distractions.

Friday evening in itself wasn’t too exciting, but it was nice to see Chantelle and test out a new bed which is always fun. We ordered pizza from a nice little Italian restaurant down the road and ended up watching some of the atrocious Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Nowhere to Run on e-tv to end the night on a rather uneventful note.

Saturday morning saw Chantelle up bright and early (really, it was. Absolute stunning weather in Gordon’s Bay in the mornings you know) to get ready for breakfast duty while I snuck out (after devouring the leftover pizza of course!) and headed off to the flat to get cracking. Unfortunately for me though, Internet connectivity via Vodacom’s 3G network proved rather slow and unstable and in the end I mostly got offline programming completed which wasn’t a total loss but wasn’t exactly what I had wanted to achieve either.

The day passed pretty quickly and apart from a short lunch break with Chantelle, I pretty much coded the Saturday away. The evening arrived and because all the guests had excitedly driven off to the huge Celine Dion concert that was on the go, C and I sneaked out to the Gordon’s Bay Spur for a quick supper just to get her out of the guesthouse.

Unfortunately for us, no one had ever told us that the food at that particular Spur is quite so awful though. Slimy, oily food never goes down well and I’m afraid that one strike and you are out means no more GB Spur for us! I think we’ll leave that place to the families for now…

Sunday morning saw me rudely awakened by a SMS from Vodacom informing me that I still have unused SMSes for the month and after that it was work, work, work as I plugged in the laptop and worked straight from the guesthouse apartment while Chantelle busied herself making breakfast, checking out guests and entertaining tons of Celine Dion horror stories.

Eventually she finished up with all her chores and I went down to join her for a quick breakfast before heading out back to the flat to go and pick my racing bicycle that was lurking there and hit the long road back to Bellville. My dad’s buddy needs my bike for the upcoming Argus, so my first stop was pop’s place to drop it off. There I spent some time chatting with my folks before joining up with Ryan and heading off to Tygervalley to get some minor shopping done (mom’s birthday is on Tuesday you see).

And seeing as we have a titanic clash ahead of us this evening, Ryan and I returned to my flat to put some FIFA in and get our teamwork up to scratch (not that we played a single game as a team of course!) Interestingly enough, after our first 0-0 grind, the goals started pouring in and at the end of the day I was 3-2 up in game wins (based on goals scored during regulation time), though Ryan did grab some consolation points by winning all the penalty shoot outs we played.

After he had left for the evening, I knuckled down and got to work again, stopping only to load the washing machine and go for an hour long jog/walk/run which I actually managed to return from still breathing (only just though). Finally, as the last hours of the day were upon me, I finished up Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles (volume 3) before downing my head and getting the rest I need for this hectic week that is now upon me… stay glued for further information, I promise a big announcement shortly! :)

Okay, so maybe this entry turned out not to be quite as short as what I had first imagined. My apologies!