MomMan oh man, I just want to sit down and cry. Work is threatening to completely overwhelm me and I’ve almost reached that point where I’m just going to throw my hands up into the air and say “screw it all, I’m going to Tibet”. Luckily I don’t feel like the effort of making travel arrangements, so I think I’ll just carry on working. Thankfully the little things in life is enough to balance out all this stress, like the fact that it was Mom’s birthday yesterday, the amusing personalised number plate that reads “THKSDAD” and the outing of one of the professors here as a total perv thanks to incriminating photographs he tends to take in the gym and over his garden fence of women’s backsides and breasts. Little things like that tend to bring a smile to one’s face.

Anyway, enough moaning, and on to the meaty part of this post, which is actually a report back on Mom’s successful birthday celebration last night. The old girl has now finally broken past the half-century mark, last year was the half-century celebration if you need more exact figures, and she invited the family over for supper at their place. Chantelle came through especially from Gordon’s Bay and Claire and Riley flew in from the wrong side of the Boerewors curtain border as well. A couple of other clan members were there as well, but it was the main branch Lotter and Carpenter clans that were doing the all the real chow-down anyway!

For supper mom prepared some delicious lasagne and other healthy leafy type stuff which really only served as a starter for the main course – which of course was all the delicious cakes and eats that she had prepared. We had cake, milk tart, peppermint crisp tart, sout tertjies, cocktail sausage rolls – heck, we had the works! :D

As for her gift, while I can’t quite remember what everyone else got her, I do know that Chantelle had a major brainwave (hope it didn’t hurt love) and we ended up getting a full voucher for her and a partner (which had better be dad!) to spend a fully pampered weekend at Gordon’s Beach Lodge, complemented by the usual box of Lindt chocolate, roses and this eerily cute flappy bee thing that is some sort of ornament for flowers. Don’t ask, I had nothing to do with it.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of sitting around the table and chatting with Pops, Mom, Ryan, Claire and Riley again and with food and eats good enough to die for, where could this evening ever have gone wrong? :)

In any event, happy birthday Mom! Hope you had an absolutely fabulous day and that there are even more around the corner. Love ya bye bye!