Much Congratulations for R&R My Life 02 MAR 2008

ryan-lotter-photobomb-evan-grangerJust a quick side note to heartily congratulate Mr Carpenter (that would be Riley) and Mr Lotter (that would be Ryan) on some fantastic news for the both of them.

First up is Riley who has managed to crack the Board Exam and is now essentially a fully fledged CA who is going to earn tons and tons of money (bugger). Well done man!

Second up is Ryan who got an absolutely stellar increase at his job and is now too earning tons and tons of money (bugger). Congratulations man!

Hmm,so if they are working so hard to earn so much money now, I wonder if there is still lots of time for some good old R&R then? O.o

And if I combine both things that they do, will I make even more then?

Questions, questions, questions…

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