Yellow LEGO AvatarI ran a little experiment a little while ago that got terminated just the other day after about two weeks of running live. Currently I am quite fond on this little blog, treating it almost as my new hobby and I have become almost fanatical in keeping it updated on a daily basis. Of course this disadvantage of hosting it on a separate, private site is that it doesn’t form part of the growing SA blogging community and outside of links to the Amatomu and Afrigator aggregator sites, CodeUnit would pretty much be anonymous apart to a few friends (who I have discovered are as fanatical in reading it as I am in writing it) and passersby that land on it thanks to Google searches (funnily enough, my joke post entitled ‘Bigger Tits’ is constantly the post that scores the most search hits. Guess the Internet really is as perverted as they say).

So anyway, jealous of the various blogging communities out there, I took the plunge and created me a nice old News24 blog simply to test what kind of traffic I could generate as News24 blogs have the added bonus of being publicized on their parent site, namely Of course, I failed to read the terms of use as always and happily went ahead creating half posts each day and then linking these incomplete posts to the main blog so that the News24 blog reader would then jump onto the main CodeUnit site to finish off the post and thereby drive my traffic up.

The results were phenomenal to say the least. Pretty soon I was basking in my highest readership numbers ever and I must admit that it felt gooood. It is kind of nice to know people were bothering to read my stuff.

But of course, this kind of free traffic couldn’t last for long and pretty soon I found myself logging in to find my News24 account removed. Already knowing the reason, I emailed their support staff anyway, acting all innocent and the like, to find out what was going wrong. And I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the prompt, efficient and very friendly support that I got from their technical staff.

Wow, very impressive indeed. So well my News24 blog didn’t last particularly long, the experiment did show me a number of things: 1) Being part of a blogging community is fun and highly rewarding on a personal level; 2) A visibly supported blogging community via some or other popular portal will in fact be more than enough to drive up traffic stats significantly above the normal level (I currently average around 140-150 hits per week day); and 3) News24 are actually pretty efficient and it seems as if they really are committed to their new Web 2.0, user-driven web strategy.

I wonder if they’re looking to hire?