PizzaLast night I made another delivery drop in Gordon’s Bay as we had organised for Andrea to be there for a little impromptu meeting. I was a little late in arriving thanks to the trains being a little delayed and me stuffing my car with as much miscellaneous stuff (like my home PC, pot plants, clothes, etc.) as possible and arrived to find the two girls complete with wine glass in hand and awaiting upon their saviour for the evening – the pizza delivery guy.

Happy in the fact that I had timed my arrival to perfection in order to receive warm pizza (thanks Andrea for organising!), I unpacked the car and the three of us sat down and got to business, discussing things we would like to do in the flat, what Andrea needs to move out and a few other administrative issues.

So far so good, as Chantelle’s (for now) flat is looking pretty packed, with my boxed and black bagged stuff basically having taken over the smaller ‘man room’ as we have now dubbed it and Chantelle’s stuff overflowing in the kitchen. Already Chantelle has begun clearing out Andrea’s stuff and moving it to a common point, making Andrea’s life easier because she just has to arrive and load stuff into her car while at the same time giving us more space to start packing out in.

As it is, the final ‘big push’ at the end of this month when I officially move in should be a pretty smooth affair because if things continue at the pace that they are currently moving, we’ll basically have the flat already sorted out by then! Organisation, organisation, organisation. What more can I say? :)

No moving stuff around this weekend for us though – the two of us are off to Franskraal for a well deserved weekend away along the coast! Looking forward to it already…