telecommutingGreat news on the whole work deal: Kyle has confirmed with me that the new telecommuting contract has been confirmed in principle, we’ve gone through and agreed upon the conditions that will be appended to my current contract and the final contract is currently being drafted by our HR representative.

Thankfully nothing really changed on our original spoken terms and as such, my new telecommuting job description WILL see me in the Commerce IT offices on Mondays and Fridays for a full day shift. Kyle has however agreed to allow me to shift the hours slightly, so instead of having to be in the office from 08:00 to 16:00, I can say shift them earlier, say 07:00 to 15:00 in order to miss traffic. Obviously, public holidays that fall on either a Monday or Friday means that I’ll have to shift my coming into office day appropriately. I am also expected to attend any and all team building functions (as if I would ever skip a free lunch!)

As was said before, I get to take all of my current electronic equipment in the office home with me, provided they are locked down at my new residence. On the administrative side of things, I won’t be logging into the Novell network anymore and as such will need to liaise with Tracy for purposes of call logging.

This is the first time a non-academic has applied to telecommute, so UCT is treating this very much as a test case so they will be inserting an escape clause in my contract which pretty much means that if things don’t work out, either I will be forced out of my position or I’ll need to move back on to the premises.

Kyle has also inserted a couple of interesting clauses of his own, one of which being that we’ve put a radius on this telecommuting jaunt of 50 km as the crow flies. Basically if I ever move residence to within that radius, the telecommuting will fall away. Also, because it is such a nice drive out on his motorbike, he has added the stipulation that he is allowed to drop by my new office anytime he wants to come and check up on me – guess that means I will need to stock a spare beer or two in the fridge then!

So the official go ahead has been given and come the 1st April I’ll be officially working from home! :)

It is a pity about the twice a week trip to UCT though. 50 km there and 50 km back means I’ll be doing 200 km per week and with these new fuel prices that is going to knock my pocket a little. I guess I could look into taking the train, but a train ride in from the Strand is pretty long, so it isn’t all that attractive to me. On the other hand, the positive of having to go into the office twice a week means I get to see and work with my colleagues and other people, something that is probably quite useful in warding off the isolation some telecommuters must begin to experience after a while.

Oh yes, and I am losing my desk space, which kind of sucks a lot :(

And in closing, because I feel like posting cartoons this week, here’s Scott Adams’ view on telecommuting:

dilbert on telecommuting

Click on the cartoon to view it in human size…