Chicken SchnitzelSeeing as I haven’t seen Dean and Zania for some time now and Chantelle still has not had the opportunity to see their new(ish) digs, I did the thing I always do when I want free drinks – phone them up and invite ourselves over for coffee.

However, I am absolutely without a single doubt positive that Dean was so flabbergasted at the prospect of the royalty that is C&C paying their humble abode a visit, that he immediately consulted with the wife (who naturally makes all the decisions in the house – no Chantelle, I am not going to wear a pink shirt or give you your Easter hamper early) and changed my request for an audience over coffee to a full blown invite over for supper.

Always ready to accept a free meal, I hastily accepted and offered to organise the dessert – which had to include koeksisters because I was just feeling so lus for them (though in the end I didn’t have time to grab them and settled on a nice milktart and Swiss roll from the nearby Pick ‘n Pay instead!)

Chantelle arrived at my place around 18:30 and from there we shot off to Dean’s abode, with me managing to miss the turn off to his place, not once, but twice in a row! Sheepishly, I blamed it on my inability to multitask as I was chatting to C as I was driving, and (eventually) pulled up at the gate to the complex where I threatened Dean with withholding of the dessert should he fail to promptly let us in.

From there it was all chatter and laughs as Zania treated us to a delicious meal of chicken schnitzels with cheese sauce and baked veggies, rounding it off with some delicious little self-made bread mini-loaves that contain cheese and ham and can only be described as mana from heaven! And seeing as I was the only one drinking there that evening, I even got to work on a bottle of red all by myself too :)

Dessert itself wasn’t bad if I say so myself, with Pick ‘n Pay’s milktart being surprisingly okay for a change. The Swiss roll was a bit dry, but that’s okay, you can drink it – if dunked properly of course. Chantelle managed to sneak a peek at the wedding album during all the proceedings as well, and unlike me, she thoroughly enjoyed all the Backstreet Boys posing that the photo hog had made Dean go through. The downside to the whole album thing of course was that it contained pictures of me – which made her laugh and made me even more determined to start a proper fitness regime once I start living on the coast with her next month!

We were there for a good two and a half hours before duty called and we had to leave for our next appointment, leaving Dean and Zania with the dishes (sorry man, we’ll invite you guys over to our place next time) and without one copy of their wedding DVD as Chantelle pinched it when nobody was looking.

Our next appointment that we were off to was in fact to say goodbye to my parents as they embark on their 3 week long caravan trip to the Kruger National Park (again) this Friday and it was a good opportunity to say our goodbyes as Chantelle was in the area and hadn’t seen them since my mom’s birthday, a good three or four weeks back already. Besides, a thank your for the Easter Egg hamper mom gave us seemed like a good idea anyway!

So it was yet more coffee and Grecian tart for us as we hunkered down and enjoyed a nice visit with mom and pops, eventually leaving them just after 23:00 and heading straight home where it was straight to bed for a VERY well deserved rest! On the plus side, I managed to score some brownie points on the side as well, by organising with the tooth fairy to delivery a Leona Lewis CD under C’s pillow before she got into bed, something she has been eyeing for some time now! (Just a pity I couldn’t organise for the tooth fairy to deliver a new set of tire for the Getz – meaning I have had to leave my debit card with PIN number in Chantelle’s a little too eager hands for a trip to Hi-Q this morning while I’m at work – I am hoping NOT to arrive home to a newly furnished flat, that’s all I can say!) ;)

Oh, and on our departure from Mom’s place, they mysteriously managed to lose a copy of Claire and Riley’s wedding DVD to Chantelle’s little nimble fingers as well!

Whew, what a week of visiting it has been/is going to be! Monday night I had Karl, Jeremy and Ryan over. Tuesday night I was scheduled to have supper with Terrance but unfortunately he pulled out at the last minute, meaning I got to have coffee with Claire, Ryan, Mom and Dad instead. Last night was dinner with Dean and Zania, followed by coffee with Mom and Pops again. This evening it is supper with the Montgomery’s. Friday is a possible squash encounter with Karl – though this probably won’t happen but I’m sure I’ll have something else on the cards anyway. Saturday I should finally have an evening to spend in Chantelle’s company and then Sunday evening we most likely have a big braai on with Dean and friends! Man, talk about being a social butterfly sometimes! :)