MontgomeryThursday’s work went okay I guess – got a lot of smaller items I need to focus on which means some of the larger projects have to get pushed behind a little, which isn’t all that great. On the up side, we did get a request for a small website that Ryan and I might actually take on as a project for our now faltered CodeUnit.ZA collaboration while the other good news was that Chantelle managed to get the much needed two new tires for the Getz… without buying a TV cabinet while she was in full possession of my debit card! :P

Though she did opt to buy an exquisitely beautiful and expensive Russel Hobbes toaster and kettle set for the GB (Gordon’s Bay) flat from her own funds instead! Go figure…

Actually the two busy little bees that are Chantelle and her mom were rather productive yesterday, doing a ton of shopping for themselves and window shopping for the flat, uncovering quite a few items of interest that Chantelle was more than eager to show off to me when I joined her in Tygervalley later the evening after I returned from work.

As it is, thanks to their diligent work, it looks like I’m going to end up buying something first that was actually way back last on my list of things to get over the next couple of months, namely a dining room table and chairs. Home Depot has an awesome deal on a dark wood table with four padded chairs for only R2000, a price good enough to make me buy it without asking any questions first. The size of the set is exactly what we need to fit on the little ‘patio’ so it would be really silly to pass this one up and seeing as the chairs on their own retail for about R450, getting the table plus the chairs at that price is an absolute bargain – and you all know how much I love bargains!!

Our main mission for being in Tygervalley however was actually to make work of organising a landline and internet access for the GB flat, so on arrival Chantelle and I promptly strolled straight into the Telkom Direct shop and stood around like lost sheep. Luckily for us, they didn’t like us cluttering their shop doorway like that and an extremely helpful and friendly lady by the name of Anneline ushered us to her desk where she set about showing us the various options available to us as well as kicking off the process to get everything started.

I can’t tell you the relief when Nagua Bay complex showed up on their system, because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to hook up ASDL there which in that case would spell worst case disaster for my home office plan. As it is I’ve taken out a 24 month contract on the Closer 3 plan that comes bundled with a 1GB ‘FAST’ ASDL package for R500 a month. Hopefully the landline will bring down some of our cellphone costs because I would like to downgrade my current Vodacom contract when I get the chance. So with that out of the way, my home office takes one more step towards becoming reality!

With that done and our browsing of furniture and carpets complete (as well as quick snack stop), we headed across the road to the Montgomery residence to join up with Cheryl, Monty and Robert for another one of the usual family braais. As always, Robert was slaving away behind the blazing fire while Monty and I stood around drinking and talking nonsense with Chantelle and Cheryl making themselves useful in the kitchen and shouting at the Strictly Come Dancing judges on the TV whenever they got the chance. Boy, I never knew Chantelle could dislike a person THAT much! :P

A little into the evening and we also got to meet Zandria, the girl from Swellendam who has temporarily moved in with the Monty’s until she can find a place of her own. As it was, she made it just in time for starters which just happened to be ’skilpadjies’, a dish which I would probably never ever touch on my own, but thanks to peer pressure I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. For those of you who don’t know, ‘skilpadjies’ are basically skinned livers wrapped in either bacon or fat and then cooked on an open flame. Not the most appetizing sounding of dishes, but actually bloody tasty I have to shamefully admit.

Thankfully though the main meal held no extra little gastronomic surprises and instead we tucked into some delicious chicken kebabs, neck chops and Boerewors, all rounded off with some delicious flame grilled buns, potato dish and salad. Ah, a true South African meal! And seeing as it is almost Easter, what could be better for dessert than Easter Eggs? (though actually Chantelle did top their dessert with a little something of her own on getting home later the evening – can anyone say Lindt chocolate bunny rabbit? :)

As always supper was great fun and after ditching Robert and Zandria with dishes duty, we said a quick farewell and slinked off home to get some well deserved rest! Ah, another busy day in the life of Craig and Chantelle! :)