CraigTuesday can only be described as being a completely crappy day. I am under enough stress thanks to all the work currently on my plate, not to mention all the preparations for my big move at the end of the month, but to walk into an office that has absolutely no network connectivity, not since late the previous afternoon, is just one of those things I don’t need in my life right now. It would seem that ICTS’ network changes over the weekend suffered a spectacular meltdown and it took them more than a day and a half to find the root of the problem! Completely unacceptable!

Now if not having network connectivity was bad enough, the next nail in my coffin occurred just after 10:00 when in a spectacular burst of obsidian, Eskom’s load shedding hit us and UCT was left completely in the dark. This might have been a little bit funnier had I not been stuck on the toilet in a bathroom with no emergency lights or windows whatsoever and pretty much had to feel my way out to the exit via a little bit of cellphone light. Marvellous. Bloody cheapskate UCT! Stellenbosch has campus wide generators installed since the last round of load shedding you know!

And then the cherry on the cake. While sitting there for the next two hours or so reading whatever material I could lay my hands on and twiddling my thumbs I began to take ill. Seriously ill. I hadn’t been feeling all that great late Monday evening after the guys had left following our FIFA get together, but had simply brushed it off as having eaten a little too many chips. And seeing as Tracy was off sick that day, I can only assume that she had passed her mild gastro bug to hapless ole me :(

Talk about a day going from bad to worse!

By midday I was completely out of it, feeling extremely nauseous and with a headache that wasn’t afraid of anything. Requesting time off from Kyle, I slumped out of the office and made my way down to the train station. Being a bit out of it, I completely forgot about taking the Jammie Shuttle down to Lower Campus and by the time I thought of it I was already halfway through Middle Campus walking a twenty minute long walk in what felt like 40 degrees Celsius of scorching sun!

This was one of those days that I really rue not using the car for my daily commute, but somehow I managed to make it to the station alive and curled out on the grass, to the stares of plentiful bemused spectators. Sick as a dog, it took me over 2 hours to get home that day and when I finally arrived in my half dead state, keeled over in bed and slept it off until well after 17:00 when a concerned phone call from Chantelle woke me from my slumber. After a little bit of faffing around (read lying in front of the TV), it was back into bed for me for a restlessness night of sleep that saw me wide awake at 04:00 this morning and in the most terrible of pain.

All the sleep had only managed to stiffen all my muscles and for the rest of today I have been in constant agony, besieged by a sore upper torso, nauseousness, diarrhoea and splitting headaches, not the most conductive of states to do any work in whatsoever. As it is, I had to contact Kyle in the morning to book myself off for the day and at the same time cancel an important Marketing Committee meeting I was meant to attend during the afternoon.

Besides the little joy that I had when Chantelle popped in for a quick visit seeing as she was in Bellville to pick up something from her mom’s place and a short visit in the evening to Ryan to pick up his TV tuner card drivers, admire his shiny new Xbox 360 and play a couple of games of FIFA on his trusty old PS2, the rest of the day can only be described as an utter loss, an effort in self-pity and depression. Hopefully I will be up for the challenge tomorrow, because damn, there is now a hell of a lot of unhappy customers at UCT I need to service :(

Still, I should be happy that I am only down with a bout of gastro or flu or whatever. Tuesday saw Kyle receive far worse news than what I ever could have experienced. His 11-year old daughter who lives up in Johannesburg with his ex-wife was rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with sugar diabetes and then crashed, resulting with her in ICU. When I left we were still unaware of whether or not she had fallen into a coma and I can only hope that this bright and bubbly youngster pulls through. Sugar diabetes at 11 is almost unbelievable – I can only pray for you now Kayna. Please for everyone’s sake around you, get well soon!