KFCSouth Africa’s AMPS (that’s the “All Media and Products Study” group in case you don’t know) just made their 2007 research findings available recently and as is becoming more and more apparent on the streets, it has once again been confirmed that there are a lot more South Africans that now have money, jobs, basic services and… electronic appliances.

Of course, the most interesting question that needs answering is just what is everyone doing with this money? Well, if we take food into question, food being the one thing that everyone regardless of wealth level needs to purchase, we find that our good old friend Colonel Saunders is well ahead of the pack (well, at least when it comes to the fast food game).

53%! That is the percentage of people in South Africa who rate KFC as their number one take-away destination of choice. Not so surprising was the fact that McDonalds ran in at second place, but what is surprising is that they only got 24% of the votes. South African then went ahead and cemented chicken as being our most popular type of fast food by voting in Nandos at 19% and finally Chicken Licken at 14%. Fifth place is held down by King Pie, but I have honestly always seen King Pie as nothing more than a snack, a temporary place holder for the KFC that is to come.

Yes, there I have said it. Despite all the bad things said about KFC and the way they treat their chicks (like a lot of scumbag men in South Africa anyway) I still admit to craving for KFC whenever I feel like fast food and I think that probably won’t ever change – unless of course they start replacing the chicken with cat because that farmer on TV can’t get his wife to shake the tin sheet fast enough in order to get the chickens to mate faster! :(

No one else quite does chicken like KFC does, even if they still try and make you believe that it is all down to their secret blend of herbs and spices, and despite the rest’s efforts, KFC is still and probably always will be number one in my book! And number two as they may very well be, McDonalds shall forever continue to be ridiculed as that company that faxes their food in from the States…

Oh, and just in case you want to wash down your KFC, you might want to note that J&B came out tops as South Africa’s whisky of choice, grabbing a 6.6% percentage share of the market choice. Of course, when you look at the figure of 13.7% people that went to gym against the 37.9% people that went to a restaurant, then you may also just begin to understand why KFC’s profits are looking so healthy while the general population might not be! :)

And just for the fun of it, I must admit to thinking that this is a brilliant anti-KFC campaign that I stumbled upon while looking for pictures for this post. I just have one question though – why are PETA protestors always half naked? O.o

KFC Protest KFC Protest2
You’d think they would at least keep a hairy husky alongside them for warmth…