Easter BunnyEaster Weekend is upon us, even if it feels kind of strange to be having it in March and not in its customary April slot. An important weekend to all those belonging to the Christian faith and even more important to all those little children who simply love gorging themselves on all the chocolate eggs that the mischievous little Easter Bunny seems so intent on hiding all over the house and garden. Now I am no longer a kiddy, but mom still makes sure that every year I receive a little Easter ‘hamper’ and I am happy to report that this year was no different!

And for those people expecting this post yesterday, shame on you – everyone knows that Monday formed part of the weekend too! Except for poor Chantelle of course; as far as her industry is concerned, this Easter weekend was nothing more than the normal old Saturday and Sunday off – while I got to enjoy the full four day weekend effect! :)

Friday morning started off okay I guess. I woke up and found that I could breathe a little easier than the day before, the inflammation of my intercostal muscles seeming to have subsided a little, probably thanks to the medication I received on Thursday’s trip to the doctor. I started the day off fairly slowly, enjoying some melted cheese on bread while putting in a couple of quick games in my FIFA 08 season which is currently enjoying quite the winning streak for a change. From there it was straight to the laptop to get some work done and then the unenviable task of tidying around the flat a bit.

The work finally done, I then found myself out of the house and at Ryan’s place, helping him wash Gran’s car and giving my beast her long awaited cleaning too. With that rather big job done (I haven’t washed my car in months I tell you!) and one long discussion re a possible product for CodeUnit.ZA to pickup, Gran treated us to a lunch of some of her freshly made pickled fish that is always absolutely delicious and is guaranteed to go down well! :)

With the meal chewed, swallowed and processed, I threw a quick glance at Ryan’s newly purchased Rockstar Table Tennis on the Xbox 360 and then it was straight back home to get stuck into the dirty job of packing the rest of the boxes and loading up the car. Of course, all this sweat-inducing, back-breaking work was naturally interrupted on regular intervals by a good dose of FIFA 08, just to keep me sane you know!

Evening eventually arrived and I showered and hopped into the car, ready for my trip to GB. The car was literally groaning under the weight of all the stuff I had stuffed into it, but somehow I made it ‘home’ safely, just in time to catch Chantelle in the middle of 7de Laan, meaning I had to unpack the car all on my lonesome! :(

Luckily though, I didn’t have to watch a movie alone because when I suggested to C that we go watch that Step Up 2 that she wanted to see, she was just about in the car before I could blink! The movie itself was actually a really fun watch in the end, but what really made my night was the quick bite to eat that we had grabbed before the movie started, the bite in question being the most delicious of subs from Subway. Cold meat on a bed of lettuce with tomato and sweet onion sauce, sandwiched in some or other foreign sounding soft roll left my tastebuds tingling and me gushing to everyone I saw for the rest of the weekend about the gospel that is Subway sandwiches!

Anyway, back home Chantelle got introduced to the late night gambling, or as I prefer the “money down the toilet” scheme, that is Brainbox TV, basically a show that is designed to tempt unsuspecting souls in by offering tons of money up for grabs but all the while sucking their very souls out via their exorbitant cellphone charges. Luckily C couldn’t lose too much money as the arrival of Claire and Riley from their late night party out in Strand broke her concentration and she hurriedly invited them into our “humble commode”.

Bursting out in a laughter which there was no way I could ever have contained, I quickly explained to her that a commode is most commonly translated as meaning bathroom or toilet facility. Blushing, she quickly tried to talk her was out of that one, but too late, it has already gone down in the annals of history as the best welcoming line ever! :)