My OfficeWhew, this has been one heck of a long “Weekend in Review” piece, so much so that I thought it prudent to split it into four posts and even post the individual entries across two days! So sorry if you were wondering what happened to “Monday” in yesterday’s posts.

My ultra long week away from work (considering I left work early on Tuesday, spent Wednesday at home sick in bed, left early on Thursday again and then had Friday as a public holiday) meant that I had more than just oodles and oodles of work to do before heading back to the office on Tuesday, so after a brief stint at the GB flat in the morning, fiddling with Ryan’s Vodafone DataCard in my laptop, I said my goodbyes and headed back to Bellville.

On route to my flat, I stopped over at Ryan’s place to drop off some of the now empty boxes for keeping in the shed and managed to steal a quick lunch and some even quicker game time (NHL2K6 for a change) from him before coming back to my flat, staring at the blank walls and getting to work on my laptop.

Mixed in with all the Commerce IT work was of course the plentiful blog updates that needed scripting, all broken up by nice injections of anime in the form of Darker Than Black. Apart from a trip to Pick ‘n Pay for some supplies during the day and then a jaunt to the outside world for a quick takeaway supper, it was sitting at the desk, typing on the keyboard all day long. Not perhaps the most inspired of ways to spend the last day of my Easter weekend.

Truth be told, while I was thoroughly happy with all that Chantelle and I had achieved in terms of emptying this flat and stocking hers, I was a bit miffed at the failure of the Telkom techie to pitch up and install my phone line, meaning that I am now undoubtedly going to start my home office stint without my dedicated Telkom ASDL line. I will be able to get by with just the Vodacom connection, but with such a poor reception in the flat, I am staring at a bleak start to my working away from the office.

Oh well, despite this small hiccup, I did have a rather eventful weekend so I have nothing to complain about – apart from the fact that I didn’t get to enjoy one minute at the beach amidst all this glorious sunshine we’ve had over the weekend.

Guess the time is coming soon though…