Insulin InjectionWell Kyle is back in the office after his emergency trip up to Johannesburg last week, and apart from his little bust up with Chris, the resulting news was positive and I am happy to report the good news that little Kayna pulled through and is back up on her feet again.

Unfortunately of course, this happy ending comes at a considerable cost as it turns out that at eleven years of age, Kayna’s pancreas has packed up and she is now has the heavy task of regulating her food intake and watching her blood sugar level for the rest of her life, all the while injecting herself with insulin up to four times a day.

Not the greatest of prospects for an eleven year old to live with, but an unfortunate necessity as many diabetes sufferers can attest to. Of course she has a lot of heavy questions she needs answered right now, but unfortunately that is the nature of genetics – you simply don’t have a choice when it comes down to what makes you up.

Well, at least she is alive and perhaps that is the only thing that counts in the end. Good luck Kayna, we wish you only the best from here on in…