TataSo the biggest news in the automobile industry for this week was undoubtedly Ford’s decision to sell the landmark, prestigious British Jaguar and Landrover brands to… wait for it… Tata Motors.

Yes, South Africa’s most ridiculed brand of cheap car, Indian car manufacturer Tata Motors is buying the Jaguar and Landrover operations for a little over 2 billion dollars. Tata is India’s top vehicle manufacturer and have been working hard to establish a formidable foothold outside of mainland India and with this deal they may have finally achieved what they have been aiming for.

Another thing that is to be gleaned from this big purchase is that finally one can start seeing just how global financial power is slowly sliding from the grip of the West right into the hands of the East. The continued financial powerhouse growth of the Asian nations is now more than just a credible threat to the strong American and European markets and it is just a question of time before we see a complete reversal as to who wields the power in this increasingly global economic setting of ours.

Back to the cars though and of course, one has to wonder just how Tata is going to line up these two very different luxury classes with their rather successful stable of trucks and bakkies as well as with their ultra cheap line of passenger cars and however they do it, it will certainly make for an interesting mesh of products.

For now factories and their workers in Britain are safe from the chop it has been reported, but just for how long is up for speculation. Apparently Tata will continue to buy engines and parts from Ford, so you won’t necessarily run the risk of buying the latest model Jaguar with a little Tata 1300 engine in it, but as to the badge, who knows what changes these proud Indians will want to inflict.

Honestly though, even if they don’t do anything to the brands or cars themselves, I am going to get more than a little satisfaction when my hoity toity stiff upper lip neighbour drives off in his Jaguar, and I am going to be left standing on the curb with a grin on my face, excitedly waving and shouting “Ta ta my friend!”

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