Sunset JogWhew, I don’t have it in me to work like poor Chantelle has to. Got a sms from her last night at around 23:30 to tell me that she is STILL as work! Me on the other hand was already fast asleep in bed – why so early you may ask? Well, I do only have a copy of Tsubasa RESERVOiR CHRONiCLe Volume 4 and my laptop to keep me entertained you know. And with the laptop acting up a little and forcing me to run a defrag and error analysis on it, it was pretty much “Go to bed early” evening for me. Not that I mind of course, sleep is sometimes a good thing to have. :)

Not that the above paragraph has anything to do with this quick-fire post of course. Last year July I injured my knee a bit more severely than what I though during a karate tournament and that laid me out of training and exercise in general for more than a couple of months. However it gradually did heal up and left me in a position where I could once more start on my exercise regime and lose all the excess weight I had picked up over that period of inactivity.

The only problem now was that the long period of sitting around on my ass meant that my resolve to actually move my body and exercise was now pretty paper thin – hell, it IS still paper thin! So for the last while, even with a fairly okay knee, I have remained firmly on my butt, unable to gather the momentum just to get out there and exercise. This finally came to an end this week when I managed to get my ass into gear and hit the gym on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Does this mean that I am going to finally start being that unbridled bundle of energy that I always used to be? I certainly hope so. I have big plans for my new life in Gordon’s Bay. The extra time I now have thanks to not having to commute means that I should technically be able to start jogging and cycling every day again, which has pretty much been the plan for some time now. I would like to start up some beach jogging seeing as I am so close to the sea now and hopefully build myself up to a point where I can tackle a half marathon like Darryl has been able to (he got a silver last Saturday in his second ever Two Oceans run) next year. There certainly isn’t anything stopping me, apart from myself I guess.

As I mentioned, I would also like to get out and about on my bicycle again and once it comes back from the repair shop (it got damaged when I loaned it out to someone for this year’s Argus) I am going to be bringing it in to GB and get used to being in the old saddle again. I’ve also checked out the procedure involved in moving gym and with the Virgin Active in Strand being around 9kms away from me, I am pretty keen on starting up there ASAP, again particularly because I will now have all this extra time available to me in the evenings.

And then of course there is the swimming pool, tennis court and squash court in the complex which I want to get Chantelle involved with, so there really, really isn’t any excuse for me to start getting fit again and recapturing my form from a while back.

All I need to do now is MOVE MY LAZY ASS!