SaladYeah baby, that’s what I am talking about! Man I am impressed with the two of us. Our first week of living together and it has been healthy eating right off the bat. Chantelle has stepped up to the plate on the nights that she is home, masterfully preparing dishes for our rapid consumption. Each evening we have eaten something different, each evening it has been eaten at our wonderful new dining room table (masterfully put together by me of course) and each evening it has contained something green.

Monday saw us chowing down on some tasty bobotie and yellow rice, complemented by a leafy green salad.

Tuesday saw a very sickly me and a slightly more healthy C snack on chicken steaklets, oven-baked chips and a side of leafy green salad.

Wednesday evening had us enjoy some mincy pasta with a generous helping of… leafy green salad.

And Thursday evening (the first evening I was responsible for dinner – and I forgot all about it!) we ate chicken breasts with mash and mixed vegetables. Okay, so no green salad but the mixed veggies have to count for something I tell you!

So no matter what all the critics might say, dinner seems set to stay healthy for some time to come. Now all I have to do is figure out how to sneak some boiling something in oil into the menu or some pancakes at the very least.

Hmmm…. Cinnamon sugar…