TelkomOh noes! It is the 4th of April and still no sign of a landline or ASDL in my humble man room! Just what the heck is going on? O.o

Well, first off the bat, I have to come clean and admit to this rather large oversight being entirely the fault of… Chantelle and myself (well, our work in all truth). Yes, I have said it. The dream team of C&C went a little FUBAR and the result is no Telkom installation as of yet.

Actually, Telkom were really, really helpful when we first approached them via the Telkom Direct shop in Tygervalley. We were helped out straightaway and Anneline bent over backwards trying to accommodate us, going so far as to organize us an emergency installation date in order to help us get set up by the first April.

Unfortunately a little bit of a communication bungle between the assigned technician and ourselves meant that he rocked up at our doorstep when both of us were stuck at work! As his business fell through, we had to fall back into line and a query or two to Telkom didn’t turn up to much information until a phone call out from the blue on Thursday where a Telkom representative informed me that they could send a technician out to us on Friday. Damn. Trust it to again be a date that both Chantelle and I are stuck at work, meaning I had to politely decline their offer.

Asking whether or not I could get a technician out here on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, I got a ‘certainly sir. Let me just check the availability list’ reply and after a short wait had to bite my tongue when the lady told me that the first available date is in fact on the 29th of April – just about a month later than what I had originally planned to have everything set up.

Nuts. Guess I am going to have to wait until then to get my line installed, never mind get the ASDL activated. The only little concern I have at this moment is that the buggers at Telkom Central might start billing me early simply because they can. In any event, thank goodness that my 3G Vodacom connectivity has somehow mysteriously changed from an unusable 1 bar weak signal to a stable 3-4 bar very usable signal at the flat! Who would ever have thought that I would be thanking Vodacom for coming charging to the rescue?

Now all I have to do is try and make my teeny weeny little 500mb cap last as looooonnnggg as possible…

(So maybe not so many blog posts then?)