GoldfishOh noes! I arrived home this afternoon to find that one of our children was lying suspicously close to the water filter, so close in fact that he seemed glued to it. Combined with the fact that he wasn’t really flailing about much, I took a deep breath, unplugged the filter and lo and behold – the little blighter floated straight to the top of the tank.

I contacted Chantelle with the bad news, asking if she had fed the fish this morning, just to be sure. She quickly phoned back to tell me that she had in fact fed the buggers this morning and had noticed the rather lazy fishie sleeping next to the filter, but she didn’t think too much of it at the time. Oh well…

So anyway, I fished out the deadbeat using a glass and promptly recited its rites and waved bon voyage as I repeatedly hit the toilet flush handle.

Our child has now gone to meet up with the big fish in the sky where I hope it is happy and content. Goodbye my son.

Hmm, not a great start.Five days and already one of our crash test dummies has bitten the dust. Good thing I’m not testing with expensive exotics then!

Update (12/04): This morning I have just found two more of the speckled goldfish dead. That leaves only the two more hardy common plain orange goldfish standing and me scratching my head as to what could be wrong with our setup. Not enough food? Bad water quality? Not enough aeration? The list is almost endless!