Fast AsleepSleeping. I am not a guy known for his struggle to get a good night’s rest. When I sleep I sleep and my wonderful knack of being able to sleep anywhere, any place has stood me in good stead on many occasion – heck, I am so good that I can even fall asleep stuffed in the back of one of those old Volkswagen Beetles!

However, I have a theory about sleep locations and top of my list is any area close to the sea. I am not sure whether it is the fresh sea air or the general laid back atmosphere that permeates the area, but I believe that the best place to get a solid night’s sleep is close to the sea. I have fond memories of as a child our holiday trips to my gran’s place in Sedgefield where I enjoyed some of my best sleeps ever, and this comes from a child that used to get up at the crack of dawn to get as much stuff crammed into the day as possible!

Now the point of this little quickfire post is just to note how well I have been sleeping as of late. Every night I have been hitting the sack with purpose and am quite literally dead to the world, waking up each morning feeling more refreshed than what I have in years! Truly the gains from this move to Gordon’s Bay have no end!

That said, Chantelle mysteriously is now sleeping worse than ever. She claims it is because some unknown person in the house snores, rolls around and makes funny arm and neck jerk movements when they fall asleep, making it impossible for her to get a good night’s rest. Of course I have no idea where all this wild, crazy man talk is coming from, but I do know one thing – her inability to get some good snooze time is not going to interrupt my bedded bliss – and that gold fish do not snore.

Maybe she should take in some more of the sea air perhaps? Ooh, I could make a killing out of bottling it come to think of it! Go entrepreneur Craig go!