Virgin ActiveSo yesterday was another lekker public holiday (Freedom Day I think – truly it is good to be a South African sometimes), meaning I could stay in bed just that little later and not worry about Monday office blues whatsoever. And the fact that Chantelle was working a late certainly helped to make things even sweeter!

Having eventually stirred out of bed, showered and got breakfast out of the way, it was time for a little surprise for Chantelle as I bundled her into the car and headed off to our local Virgin Active gym. (Okay, it was meant to be a surprise but I had spoiled it just a little by brining up the topic earlier in the week, but it was meant as a surprise so I will maintain it was a surprise).

The gym is in fact not all that far away from us, though it is located in a strange mixed industrial/commercial zoned area that overlooks the N2, not exactly prime property for a gym it would seem. Nevertheless, we had a quick peek inside and although strangely laid out, it does seem to cover all the basic requirements, namely circuits, aerobic studio, spinning studio, fitness machines and free weights, even throwing in a decent sized pool as a bonus. The only disappointing omission is a squash court, but luckily that is not all that much of a bother thanks to the fact that we have a squash court here at the complex. (Okay, supposedly have a squash court – I have been here a month and still haven’t bothered to check it out!)

The receptionist was friendly and professional as I have come to expect from all Virgin Active employees and pretty soon we were sitting down in one of the consultants’ offices, filling out paperwork and signing our lives away. Well, Chantelle was anyway. All I did was sign on the dotted line marked account payer and provide my bank details for the initial debit :)

That’s the beauty of the Vitality loyalty programme that Discovery runs. A once off payment of R765 (or something like that) secures you a gym membership with no monthly fee attached and only the single requirement of having to come at least 24 times in a 12 month period, i.e. 2 times a month to keep the contract valid. Obviously Chantelle is as excited as heck and I’m glad that I’ve been able to make this a reality for her sooner than what she had bargained on.

As for myself, the guys at the Tygervalley branch had got it a little wrong – instead of sorting it out at the new gym, I actually have to phone the helpline and organise and authorise the club transferral telephonically, something I will get around to as soon as someone on the other side actually picks up the phone again!

So as two little excited gym bunnies, we drove straight over to Mr Price Sport at the mall and set about browsing around for the new equipment and dress we are going to need on our newly paved (or at least laid out) road to health and fitness!

Which starts out with the purchase of a 2XL training shorts for myself I ashamedly have to add :(