Shame, C unfortunately had to miss her first ever Katabox class and our first ever class together here at the new gym last night, all thanks to the wires melting and knocking out four of her geysers simultaneously back at the guest house during the day, sending everyone there into panic mode in the process.

Thankfully for me though, the goings on at the guest house doesn’t really impact on my activities unless there is free food involved, meaning that at 17:30 I found myself surrounded by a bevy of ladies and a couple of the more adventurous guys waiting for the weekly Katabox class to begin. Our instructor for the night was a bloke by the name of Donavan, admittedly one of the most well built guys around, being one of those okes that have managed to find the perfect balance between weight, size and muscle tone. Of course, I hate to and will NEVER admit to any of the above, but the drooling Chantelle that had arrived a little later in the evening attests to it all being very, very true, which sadly means that it must therefore be a fact. Truly I have much work to be done then.

TaeboOf course, no one (apart from the ladies perhaps) was there to just ogle the instructor and pretty soon he had us working up one hell of a sweat as he got us bobbing, weaving and punching on the spot. Throw in some skipping and the occasional knee lift and kick or two, and by the time the hour was up, so was most of our lifespan. What a great workout!

I do agree that old Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo idea is one of the best ways in which to lose weight and not necessarily look like a complete dork while doing it and it is great to see so many other instructors latch onto that general idea. Simplified martial arts and aerobics make for a fantastic mix! As it was, Donavan turned out to be a competent enough instructor and methinks I’ll be back there again next Monday night, dead centre and with Chantelle standing firmly beside me! I’m not going to be the only one to suffer next time around! :)

I must however admit to being a little proud of myself last night though. Although my weight has increased exponentially and, judging by the mirrors surrounding the studio, I am now big enough to stuff two women into the space that my frame now occupies, I still managed to keep up with most of the class and amazingly enough my knee held up okay to do most of the activities with everyone – it seems only stretching and jumping up and down get the better of it now. And once the class was done and dusted, I met up with Chantelle who had just rocked up at the gym and then continued to workout with her for an hour, making my total gym stay for the evening 2 hours long!

Must be a new record for me! ;)