If we have to be painfully honest with ourselves, the last couple of days on Earth for our now deceased fish tank were not its greatest moments ever. Despite all our efforts (and thanks to some really blonde oversights at times, for example, if we don’t put a light in, how did we expect the plants to live?), towards the end of its life the tank looked and smelt more like an overgrown mud pool than a crystal clear drinking pond. A person would have to hold their breath just going close to the damn thing!

There were times when you would get a fright because the fish would suddenly appear right in front of you if they swam close up to the glass because otherwise they would be lost in the background of gloom and murkiness. Amazingly enough though, our six little common gold fish are quite the fighters and actually managed to survive in this cesspool that we forced them to call home!

And if you think I am exaggerating just a little bit, look at these ‘before’ pictures and then let me know:

Fish Tank1 Fish Tank2 Fish Tank3

Now as I mentioned in my earlier Weekend in Review post, things went pear-shaped when we finally emptied the ‘vase’ tank completely in order to try and clean it up a little and most likely the change in pressure is what caused the container to crack so horribly. So caught between the two options of discarding the fish or buying a new fish tank, we opted for the latter and set out to buy a brand spanking new tank from the local pet store.

And find a new one we did. They had a couple of cheaper (read extremely thin glass panels) options lying about, but it was this all in one Jebo R338 tank that caught Chantelle’s attention and despite my grumbling at its price (even on special it was R450), we picked out the colour we wanted and off we went, Chantelle grinning like a maniac mommy beside me.

Now when it comes to the fish, I just stand by and watch because this is C’s baby. She treats the water, she looks after the tank and she cares for the fish. And to make matters worse, now I have even been banned from feeding them thanks to my admittedly rather heavy hand when it came to dinner time (possibly also one of the reasons the previous tank was vrotting so in the first place!)

In any event, as we did last time, we followed all the instructions to the letter, set up this new tank at home and after a little wait, I am proud to announce that our new aquarium is stocked and ready for the public once more. Sushi anyone? :)

Fish Tank4 Fish Tank5 Fish Tank6 Fish Tank7