Wrapped PresentHmm, so with my birthday now done and dusted, it is time to sit back and examine my haul. Yes, at my age one always says that receiving presents aren’t important, but it is always nice you have to admit and tearing off wrapping paper like a banshee out of hell never gets tiring.

But now I’ve come up with an interesting theory/question – does the type of presents you receive indicate your age or level of maturity? Is it a good yardstick by which to measure what other people think of your maturity?

Now as a child, the presents that are received are almost 100% guaranteed to be toys and knitted jerseys without exception. As a teen the toys usually turn to gadgets, clothes, CDs, DVDs and music vouchers.

Once you reach your twenties and have moved out the house, the presents tend to change to more useable things like household items, clothing and music vouchers and the ever present gift of cash (or general gift voucher)

And then as you mature further the gifts themselves mature, with you getting things like alcohol, biltong, refined music, vouchers of all types and of course the nifty but pointless gadgets that keeps one amused for hours without actually getting anything done.

Of course, I haven’t reached the age yet where I get corporate desk toys as a gift which is a pity because those suspended silver balls that crash into one another in a line will always remain one of the most mesmerizing toys to play with, but after my haul on Saturday I am left wondering as to just where in the ladder I am now positioned.

As gifts I received something from every step in the ladder. I received two books and a book voucher, a clothing voucher, a PS2 game, a braai set, a braai apron, a sunken ship for my fish tank, cash and tons of chocolate and sweets!

Does this mean my executive set of desk toys will never arrive? :(