Beach RunAnother Friday, another meeting. This time it was the second UCT Web Working Group get together and as with the last time, it was a thoroughly informing session. Of course, the bonus of this off campus afternoon meeting is that sometimes it ends at just the right time, making it pointless for me to drive back to the office which means that I instead find myself on the road home, grabbing a little bit of a shorter work day than normal :)

That said, even with all that extra time on my hands having arrived home a little earlier than usual, it wasn’t as if I was any more productive than normal! For some strange reason I was feeling completely knackered, and soon found myself in bed, manga in hand and a good snore not all that far off. Chantelle eventually arrived home and woke me up, but being the lover of sleep that she is, she simply joined me under the covers and we slept until well after 18:00! Talk about wasting the afternoon away!

Anyway, as for entertainment for the evening, we had both decided that we wanted to watch the new Ashton Kutcherand Cameron Diaz romantic comedy, What Happens in Vegas…, so we found ourselves back at Somerset Mall and once again dining on those delicious Subway subs for supper before the main event. The movie turned out to be a great laugh and a surprisingly pretty good romantic comedy outing as well, and both of us walked out of the cinema feeling pretty satisfied. Of course, having spent most of the afternoon sleeping, we weren’t exactly gunning for bed, so an impromptu walk on the beach under a beautiful star-filled night sky and a couple of games of dominoes (Chantelle whipped me) over some warm coffee and rusks was the end result before we finally hit the sack for some blissful zees….

This weekend was work weekend for Chantelle again, so after seeing her off at the door on Saturday morning, I got back to the more important things in life, like playing video games (Spider-man: Friend of Foe is turning into quite a nice little distraction thank you very much), typing blog posts, watching anime and doing the dishes. Oh and shopping of course!

Today is my dad’s birthday, meaning I needed to pick up a gift for him and at the same time kill another bird with my one stone by spending some of those vouchers that I had received for my birthday. Luckily it didn’t take too long to locate my dad’s present and even better was the fact that I managed to pick up something for myself from Exclusive Books – The Essential Calvin and Hobbes collection! (So thanks for that Claire ;D). And as an added bonus, my trip to the mall was brightened up considerably when I got a phone call from Chantelle asking me to meet up with her for some coffee at the Vida e Café little coffee shop, where naturally I was just FORCED into tasting one of their delicious chocolate blueberry muffins!
So as you can imagine, this particular shopping trip was pretty successful for a change, meaning I walked out all happy and stuff, meaning that when I did come across my car I was considerably less than pleased with what I found. Some moronic baboon had scraped up the top of my front bumper, taking some of the coating with him. Bloody idiot! :(

Anyway, next on the agenda for the day was catching the all important Stormers versus Lions clash at Ellis Park, a match on which all the Stormers’ hopes for the season lay. As it was, Louise and Whammy were away for the weekend, meaning I got to actually watch the rugby for a change in the comfort of Gordon’s Beach Lodge. The game didn’t go exactly as planned, but we did pull out a win in the end, even if it was nail biting stuff! (Unfortunately, as predicted though, a win wasn’t enough and later in the evening the Sharks won their game and in so doing, knocked us out of the running for this year’s Super 14 trophy! :(

A quick trip home to sort a couple of things out and then it was back to the guest house to meet up with Chantelle’s folks who were sleeping over at the guest house for the evening and who had organised to take us out for supper as a bonus. Chantelle picked out Al Forno, a little Italian restaurant along the Gordon’s Bay beach road, and while disappointed by the lack of televisions to catch the second half of the Shark’s rugby encounter, the atmosphere there was relaxed and homely, something we’ve come to expect from this great little place. Strangely enough though, even though they were really, really quiet, we ended up waiting an inordinately long time for our meals to arrive – so much so that we managed to polish off three bottles of wine between the four of us!

However, once it did arrive, the food was simply divine. Amazingly enough, Monty, Cheryl and I had all opted for the same dish, that being the stuffed chicken breast, and it turned out to be one of the best tasting chicken dishes I have tasted in a long, long time. Chantelle on the other hand went for some steak based dish, equally delicious I need to add, which made me mightily jealous that I didn’t suggest going ‘halvies’ with her in the first place!

After some dessert, coffee and some more chatter, it was time to finally allow the guys to close up shop and we headed off back home for some well deserved rest.(Well when I say home, I mean the guest lodge – if Whammy and Louise are away then Chantelle needs to sleep over there, meaning by default, I have to sleep there too! Not that I’m complaining of course, because I know just how ‘lekker’ breakfast in the morning is going to be!)

Sunday morning I surprised myself, got up early and went for a long walk/run which saw me cover both Bikini Beach and Gordon’s Bay main beach all in one go! And after a nice hot shower, it was time to join the Montgomery clan for one of those delicious full course breakfasts that one only gets at a guesthouse. Chantelle outdid herself and I enjoyed one of the tastiest omelettes I’ve eaten in ages and after a long and protracted breakfast, I was finally forced to call it a day and waddle out of the breakfast lounge.

So, while the Montgomerys stayed behind waiting on some other family to arrive, I headed off back home to do some odd jobs that needed to be done (like clean out Andrea’s honking fridge!) and finish off the rest of my paperwork sorting out that I had started on Saturday afternoon.

As it was, Andrea and Albert were going to swing by to pick up their fridge in the afternoon and Monty was going to come over to drill a hole in the one cupboard (I don’t have the necessary tools), meaning I was in for a bustling Sunday afternoon. Which meant that when my parents (accompanied by Claire and Riley) dropped in unexpectedly on their way back from their weekend away at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay as well, it was like a Tsunami of people in the flat who all arrived basically at once and then all left together again, literally leaving a pool of empty beer bottles in their wake!). Still it was nice to have everyone over again, even if Andrea and Albert didn’t leave with the fridge thanks to some bad logistical planning and a bakkie whose canopy doesn’t detach, it was a great way to spend what might have otherwise been a rather lazy Sunday afternoon.

As night approached, our plans were thrown a little out though when Chantelle learned that she was required to spend the evening at the guesthouse again because Whammy and Louise were enjoying their visit so, meaning that Sunday evening devolved into an evening of McDonalds and Bruce Willis in Striking Distance on eTV.

Perhaps not the most exciting of ways to end the weekend off on, but after a rather busy weekend, it did rather nicely thank you!