Ugly BettyIf you are a man who has ever been in a relationship, then you will know the true value of brownie points, one of the most valued currencies in any relationship across the world today. Now as it is, I’ve been haemorrhaging brownie points with Chantelle left, right and centre as of late, but thanks to an inspired play orchestrated by myself last night, my brownie bank account is looking a whole lot healthier.

So just how did I achieve the brownie point reclamation then? Well, actually it was a pretty simple affair if the truth must be told:

Step 1): Unanticipated Gastronomic Surprise.
Monday evenings are now Katabox evenings, the class of which starts at 17:30 and ends at 18:30, meaning that Chantelle drives straight from work to the gym, with no stops in-between. So the plan is simple. Rush home after work, cook up a delicious meal consisting of chicken, rice and potatoes and then get everything ready for your return. On arrival back from gym, open door to allow for heavenly aroma of food to flirt with the senses and then steer your partner to the table so all she has to do is sit down and eat.

Step 2): Completely Unexpected Visual Treat
Now that your partner is sitting down, ready to eat, flick on the TV that is now ‘happening’ to show episode 1 of her favourite television series (which you downloaded during the day – at least 15 of them in case she’s greedy). In our example, the TV series in question is none other than Ugly Betty, season two. Just in case you were wondering.

Step 3): Total Relaxation
The meal now complete, lay your partner out on the couch so that she may continue watching her show while you clear the table and do the dishes, without asking her to so much as move a muscle.

And there you have it, all done. See, it really is not that difficult to win some of those elusive brownie points back if you just put a little bit of effort in! :)