GoldfishGot some unexpected contradictory news from a different pet shop owner yesterday (thanks to Cheryl now bugging Monty to get a fish tank, meaning he has to do some legwork now), where basically we learned that mixing any other type of fish with your goldfish is a really, really bad idea.

As it turns out, goldfish are more than just a little territorial and will go after anything that is not of their species with more than a little aggression, which would explain why I was so certain I caught one of ours shaking that poor guppy to death right in front of me.

So now it makes sense while only the two quick-witted, bottom-feeding algae feeders and one feisty little tail chasing yellow female guppy are still alive then! (And it makes us feel better knowing that it wasn’t our tank or food negligence or something like that that killed off our new additions so quickly!)

So I guess if we want a little variety in the tank now, the search for more colourful goldfish had better then begin!

(Though with the planned addition to our family of a kitten or two shortly, perhaps all I’m doing is restocking their lunchtime snack bowl!)