So as I alluded to in an earlier post, we are looking to increase the Lotter-Montgomery clan that is based out here in Gordon’s Bay and I am quite pleased to announce that yesterday the two newest members of our brood have now been located and will soon be on their way to join our happy household.

We’ve decided to take ownership of the two youngsters come the first week of June, just after our return from our already booked weekend away in Caledon. This makes sense because a) at a couple of weeks old, getting abandoned by your new parents after just one weekend is not cool and b) seeing as Chantelle is currently on her annual leave (work forced her to take her three weeks early, though with all the shopping she is currently doing, she certainly isn’t complaining!), she gets to spend two weeks, 24 hours a day, with the babies.

Now. on a completely separate note, while we have already picked out their new names (which I am not going to release until they are actually safe and sound in our care), I am kind of disappointed in that C shot my initial (and favourite) name selection in “Fridge” and “Freezer” down so quickly. If I had my way, then together I would have thought that they would make one heck of a COOL pair!

Hee hee, okay, so maybe that’s why she rejected my offering so quickly. Honestly, I was throwing out the puns left, right and center until C put a freeze on that whole idea. :(

So, without any further ado, let me give you a sneak preview of who will be joining us come early June! :)

Blackie Brownie
(Note: Sorry about the poor piccies, but Chantelle says the little blighters move about a lot!)