DriBUDDiEver the sceptic that I am (particularly when it comes to TV products) it was with much pain and effort that I finally begrudgingly let one of those DriBUDDi contraptions into our house, on the insistence of C and the rest of the Montgomery clan.

Truthfully, I just didn’t like the idea of the contraption because it was being advertised via the same medium that is responsible for trying to convince C to buy snail slime-laced ointments, but with the fast encroaching rainy weather upon us and the lack of a tumble dryer meant that I had very little ground to stand on in the face of natural progression.

So much to my horror, a big box was left behind after one of the Montgomery visits and eventually curiosity got the better of me and I did the only manly thing left to me – I assembled the monstrosity. Now when I say monstrosity I mean monstrosity because this thing looks like a failed moon-lander out of the 60s… it is just too bad that I can’t actually say the same thing about its performance. :(

Despite the exceedingly high noise level thanks to the DriBUDDi’s strong electric motor, the bloody thing works an absolute charm. You simply hang your clothes on hangers and then hang them on the DriBUDDi as you would on a clothesline, zip it all closed in the tight fighting parachute cover and switch it on. With a second or two you have a billowing moon-lander as warm air is pushed out of the motor and into the bag, tricking your damp clothes into thinking that they are in fact hanging outside in a nice warm mountain breeze.

Give it an hour or two, and when the stale warm air surrounding the contraption finally disperses, unzip it and find that your clothes are all nicely dry and as an added bonus, now only requiring the minimum of ironing touches.

So okay, I’ll admit defeat on the DriBUDDi issue then, but I am definitely not going back down on the snail cream!

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