Indiana JonesPayday, Payday, Payday! Always a reason to make the weekend feel even better than what it already is :) If the 25th falls on a weekend or on a public holiday, the first working day before that break falls in as payday, meaning that Friday morning I received that jolly old sms to inform me everything will be perfect for the rest of the month. As it was though, Friday was a particularly busy day at the office for me, with me furiously typing behind the computer for just about the whole day. Coupled with that, it happened to be the Commerce Faculty’s big Africa Day celebration and the faculty was alight with colourful traditional costumes, loud African music as well as exhibitors of all shapes and sizes, all complemented by some mouth-watering food that was on offer. As staff members each of us got a meal ticket and were invited down to come dig in, which as delicious as it was, is not the best of ideas if your girlfriend currently has you on some sort of soup diet.

Anyway, after a long day at the office, there was no better way to unwind than to ditch my shoes and head out for a nice long walk along the beach. The rest of Friday actually ended up being a pretty chilled day as we pretty much lazed the evening away, playing games, reading and once Chantelle had returned from her Bellville visits, going so far as to actually lie down and watch the atrocious Catwoman on SABC 3 for the evening’s entertainment!

After a good night’s rest and a late morning wake-up, it was all hands to the deck as I got ready in preparation for my visitor of the day, none other that Mr Brown. Terrance pitched up around 10:00 and from there on it was straight to business as we chatted up a storm, walked along the beach and got to grips with beating each other black and blue at FIFA 08 (with a little Marvel Ultimate Alliance tossed in for good measure).

Seeing as Chantelle was heading out to spend the night with Retha, it was through and through a boys day, which would explain why the main event for the afternoon was none other than the new Indiana Jones flick that we caught at Somerset Mall (after wolfing down a Subway Sandwich as starter of course!). Thank goodness this new Indiana Jones movie has stuck fast to the formula that made these cult movies such a success in the past, because by the time the credits had rolled by we were both sitting there with huge fanboy grins on our faces! :)

With the afternoon entertainment behind us, it was time to hit the road and I took Terrance along a scenic trip, showing him everything there is to see about Gordon’s Bay and my new life in it. Green with jealousy, he then agreed with my suggestion that fish and chips with be our port of call in terms of supper, which made for a great meal to be accompanied by an anime viewing of the first two episodes of the fun-filled Black Lagoon series that I had enjoyed so much previously.

Now stuffed and thoroughly entertained, the rest of the night would be spent once again battling each other at FIFA 08 where at last I seized the upper hand towards the end of the night, finally reclaiming some of the lost honour I had endured with all the previous beatings he had dished out to me earlier in the day!

Eventually enough was enough for Mr Brown and at 22:00 after an eventful day, he bid me farewell and disappeared into the darkness on that horribly long road back to Bellville. I slinked back to the flat and caught a couple of episodes of Shura no Toki before eventually deciding that sleep might actually be a good thing, and then losing myself to a couple of well deserved zees.

As strange as it was to fall asleep without my partner by my side for a change (I hoped she was enjoying herself wherever they were), it was kind of nice to not wake up in the morning to a tape recording of my snoring and an accusatory banter of not being able to sleep because ‘someone’ was making so much noise during the night! ;)

Having basically taken off the whole weekend up until this point, Sunday morning proved to be household chores morning and I set about doing the washing, ironing and dishes, and just generally tidying up the place a bit.

And then it was time for the shopping. Ugh, I hate shopping. Anyway, I needed some clothes, I needed some stuff for the house, and I wanted to get Chantelle a little something as well. In any event, after what felt like an eternity, I eventually managed to firmly grasp my newly acquired bags and shuttle out of the nauseatingly busy mall (which also happens to currently have a huge bridal fair going on at the moment) and make it back to the safety of the flat.

Now seeing as Chantelle and Retha were still having such a blast of a time and had therefore decided to spend another night together back in Observatory, I had the flat all to myself once more, and so I did what any other hot-blooded 28 year old male all alone would do – I played video games all day long. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was the poison of choice and after a hard slog I finally laid my controller to rest and beamed at the TV as the final credits rolled on by.

Actually the rest of Sunday was spent in a similarly unconstructive way as I flitted between anime, manga, blog writing and cartooning (of all things), before finally calling it a night and hitting the sack – thoroughly relaxed and ready to tackle the new week ahead of me!