TelkomI got a horrible fright when Chantelle grinned to me and said “I’m so glad that I am not Mr C. G. Lotter right now” last night.

“What? Why do you say that?” I pleasantly enquired, only to be taken aback when she handed me a thick envelope bearing my full name in glorious print. Yup, our first ever Telkom bill had arrived. Gingerly I reached inside, gripped the white pages within, and slowly pulled out, almost falling over when my eyes scanned the amount that I owe.


What? Surely that can’t be right?

Ouch! I know my package should only amount to maybe R400, but certainly not R750! Bemused and befuddled, I vehemently swore that today I would go straight to the Telkom Direct store to directly enquire as to this seemingly high amount that they are asking from me.

But of course, I being me never got around to it, so I decided to phone the conveniently listed Billing helpline instead. Actually, I got a really helpful lady on the other end and she patiently assisted me in increasing my debit limit and explained in a nice tone that in fact, a person pays for their telephone account upfront! Upfront?

Oh. Okay.

So of course this means that I’m paying for June and the arrears on May when everything got installed, which then all adds up to this rather high total I see in front of me.


So now it all makes sense to me, but still… it kind of feels like a lot of money to pay all in one go. :(