Caldeon Hotel and Spa

So Saturday morning started out on a nice lazy note, with a nice long sleep in, and lots of game playing to follow. I picked up Warrior Orochi and The Red Star recently, and with a recent re-interest in Naruto Ultimate Ninja, there are more than enough games to keep me busy for the next while :)

Anyway, eventually enough was enough, Chantelle had to stir, and we needed to get packing because the time to leave was finally upon us. A whirlwind packing session which left more on the floor than in the bags later, and we were in the car and on our way to… McDonalds – for a quick lunch of course. Another quick pit stop to Pick ‘n Pay to pick up some milk and coffee to sneak into the hotel, and we were finally off on the short hop via the N2 to the Caledon Hotel.

Safely arriving after having belted our lungs out to all The Offspring classics, we checked in and waltzed to our luxury suite, The Agulhus, flung open the door and promptly set about jumping on the bed. Chantelle was a little disappointed that unlike the previous time we were here last year, this room didn’t have a balcony, but that disappointment was soon forgotten as she stretched out on a bed that seems to stretch on for miles and miles.

We spent a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day in the confines of the hotel, casino and its grounds, before deciding to step out and take in some of Caledon’s night sights and at the same time treat ourselves to a nice dinner out for the evening. Well, at least that was the plan, because as we later found out, we had horrible OVERestimated Caledon. After I don’t know how many u-turns and dead ends, we eventually gave up on ever finding a restaurant in this sleepy little town and instead headed back to the casino to take up one of the options there instead.

Unfortunately for us though, lack of planning came back to bite us hard in the butt though as the fancy Black Sheep Diner was completely unable to help us, which only really left the slightly dingy Da Vinci option instead. Already fuming at the really bad level of service we had encountered at the Black Sheep Diner, Chantelle was understandably less than impressed when after a rather lengthy wait, her pizza arrived at our table less than half cooked and mine came sans any tomato base whatsoever!

Thankfully a quick word with the supervisor sorted everything out, but still, this isn’t the level of service you expect from a four star location! Anyway, instead of gambling the night away though, we opted for some late night swimming instead and after blundering through various garden beds (Chantelle at least managed to locate the paths though) we made it to the spa and enjoyed a relaxing, soul-warming dip in the marvellous naturally heated pools.

It was well after midnight when we finally returned to the room and hit the sack and after a whole lot of MTV distraction, we finally dozed off for some well deserved down time! :)