CocoIn an attempt to stretch this weekend to the max and make the most of the time that Chantelle is off on leave, I had taken Monday off and as such, the two of us woke in a near empty hotel and sat down to dine at our breakfast buffet with almost no other guests present. Thankfully though, just because the hotel is empty doesn’t mean that the quality of breakfast goes down, and we once again both gorged ourselves on the variety of treats available to us.

Unfortunately, with it being a Monday and that being the day that all pools are closed down for cleaning, breakfast was pretty much the last thing we could do, and soon it was back to the room to start packing. A little later than planned, but eventually we were out, settled our bill and hit the road for the shortish trip back to good old Gordon’s Bay. As had been the case with the entire weekend so far, the weather was absolutely perfect and it was with much excitement that we arrived home and started fixing the place up in preparation of the new family members who would be arriving later the day.

The place all neat and tidy, next stop was the shops, the pet store to be more specifically, and we proceeded to buy about a small fortune’s worth of stuff in the form of litter box, bowls, scratching post, hell everything you would ever associate with keeping little kittens clean, fed and entertained.

With that done and all set up back at home, the big moment the two of us had been waiting for finally arrived – it was time to pick up our kittens! Barely containing our excitement, we hopped onto the N2 and made the long trek through to Bellville, with Chantelle amazing both of us by finding the place we needed to be at on the first try!

On entry we were presented with an array of little kittens and Chantelle wasted no time in picking out the two that she wanted (one of which was funnily enough not actually the same one she had looked at before) and after a sad goodbye from their current parents, it was into the basket and off to the Montgomery clan stronghold to show off our new kids.

Of course Monty and Cheryl were more than enthralled with the little ones, despite the fact that they were tearing around the house and exploring everywhere and everything, and after a nice long visit it was finally time to say goodbye, steal a ton of soup and head off to our next stop, namely the Lotter clan stronghold. Unfortunately Pops was having trouble at work, so he wasn’t home, but mom was more than pleased with our tiny bundles of fur, and after a short stop with her and Ryan we took our leave and bundled the cats back into the basket and hit the road back to Gordon’s Bay.

Of course the two little ones did not like the idea of travelling all cooped up in a basket and Chantelle had her hands full trying to keep them in one place as I raced back towards Gordon’s Bay, stopping only to pick up the night’s supper in the form of a delicious Debonairs club pizza.

Back home, Olympus and Coco (as we have now officially named them) switched over immediately to exploratory and create a mess mode and happily began making themselves at home. Of course, Chantelle was like a dithering idiot, standing there and beaming away to the whole wide world, her mommy genes now truly awakened and I left the three of them to play the night away in front of the television while I entertained myself playing a couple of games of Naruto (again).

These little loveable, adorable and fuzzy creatures just don’t seem to tire, and eventually we gave up, called it a night and tucked ourselves in, only to get back out of bed once the whimpering started in earnest…

…which would explain then why I woke up this morning cold and an outcast in my own bed as the two kittens lay cuddled tightly up against their new mommy!

So Coco and Olympus are now officially part of the family – and the goldfish had better start fearing for their lives from these two playful little monsters! :P

P.S. While it looks like Olympus is a boy, I’m a little sceptical of letting the little girl Coco to close to any balls of wool – I don’t want her giving birth to mittens! :)