With limited, fairly expensive bandwidth at home, you can imagine that I am less than enthralled with products that choose to autoupdate themselves quietly in the background, without any notification of their dastardly deed. One of the prime offenders in this category is none other than good old Adobe which frequently runs an autoupdate in a background, sucking up your precious bandwidth before notifying you that it has downloaded the following gazillion little updates.

Well no more. A lot of people want to know how to turn off this annoying little Adobe hellspawn, and it is my pleasure to tell you just how to go about it.

Firstly, open up any Adobe product that you might have (Adobe Reader is probably the easiest) and locate the ‘Check for Updates’ option somewhere on the menu structure (usually under the Help submenu). Click on it and allow the program to look for new updates unhindered.

Adobe Updater1

Adobe Updater2

Once the process has finished looking for updates (don’t worry, it hasn’t downloaded anything if you are particularly worried about your bandwidth), a dialog box is shown to you detailing the number of available updates for your Adobe products. On this dialog box, locate and click on the preferences link to bring up a new dialog showing the various settings for Adobe’s autoupdate software.

Adobe Updater3

Right at the top you will see a checkbox for ‘Automatically check for updates’.

Adobe Updater4

Simply uncheck this checkbox and Bob’s your uncle – no more unwanted updating by that pesky Adobe software that you have installed! :)