After slapping together some backup software that I needed both for my ongoing SAN (Storage Area Network) project as well as for my personal Work Projects repository (which now stands at 21419 files, 5271 folders and weighing in at 3.16 GB worth of content), I realised that I have been a little more than slack when it came to announcing my newly released projects as I finished them here on this blog (like I used to do in the past).

As always, a full list of my released projects can be found at under the projects link.

So without further ado, here is the latest release to my stable (please note that it is currently undergoing its bug fix iteration and may not be on the released projects list at the time of this post):

Daily Backup Folder

Daily Backup Folder allows the user to select a folder which they wish to back up to another location, and then backs up that folder on a daily basis to the specified backup location.

If an existing backup folder is located in the specified location, then Daily Backup Folder simply copies over newer files than those already existing in the backed up location.

Created by Craig Lotter, June 2008


Project Details:

Coded in Visual Basic .NET using Visual Studio .NET 2008
Implements concepts such as Timers, Folder Manipulation, File Manipulation, Threading
Level of Complexity: Simple


Oh, and just in case you thought I had maybe been a little on the lazy front in terms of software creation this year, the following lists the projects that were created this year (but does not include the projects that underwent updates, which actually number more than just a few!):

– Daily Backup Folder
– Commerce IT Screensaver 2
– Excel Sheet to HTML Table
– LiveCheck Alerter
– Bertie Barnard Screensaver 2
– PDF Generator IMG2PDF
– Shotgun Search and Replace
– CodeUnit Project Update Folder Preparation
– Slyph SlideShow

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