HealthZoneSome time ago Virgin Active introduced their nifty HealthZone platforms which served to replace the existing BodyIQ stations which were slowly in the process of being phased out in favour of Virgin’s own in-house product.

The HealthZone platform itself is a little wonder, basically a mobile platform that contains a scale built into the floor, an onboard body fat measuring machine and a blood pressure measuring device (in fact the only thing lacking in this particular device is the fact that it doesn’t come with a measuring pole to check your height, something that the BodyIQ equipment at least provided for). Of course, all of these separate devices are attached to a nifty little onboard computer with a nice touchscreen monitor and equipped with a naked scanner for picking up your membership card barcode at a fair distance from the machine.

Of course, the computer is responsible for hosting a nice and fairly intuitive program that allows you to register and record your vitals, thereby providing you with a roadmap as to your progress as you continue to gym in the future. In fact, the system carried over my 2004 measurements so you can understand that this is quite a nice little tool to have at times – or not as can be the case sometimes.

Shame, Chantelle was in for a dismal shock of her life when I introduced her to the machine the other night. My disappointing measurements were par for the course – I had a rough idea as to the extent at which I have failed my body and let it slip towards that of a middle-aged man, but Chantelle was a little less fortunate.

Having been introduced to the machine for the first time and having completed all the initial measurements, she could scarcely contain her horror and it was straight up to the floor for an almost hour long session! And needless to say, the next day was the same.

It would seem that the final motivation needed to push us towards a more healthy and active lifestyle has now been found – so it seems now it is just me that has to get with the program if I don’t want to be left behind by my liefie!