PenAs you can no doubt tell by the latest comments, I now sit with a fairly serious problem on my hands, which has prompted this post which supersedes all the others I had planned originally for today.

The point that I feel extremely necessary to point out is the impact that emotional state has on one’s writing. This is an important aspect because it literally affects every single piece of writing that comes out of anyone, and simply can’t be left out of the equation.

Writing is like an extension of one’s self, and should be considered just as much an art form as painting or sculpting as it is an outlet for one’s personality, emotions and feelings just as sculpting a piece of clay or adding the finishing touches to a masterpiece is. And it is the same with my writing.

If I am happy, then what I write about and the tone of what is written conveys that feeling. The same goes for if I am sad or confused. Similarly if I am angry or annoyed, those too get carried through my writing, and as is always the case with these negative emotions, you generally end up saying things that you’ll regret later.

Hell, I’ve even made my mother cry about something I wrote which deeply offended her.

The point I want to make is that what I write here in my personal space is exactly that. It is a reflection of how I feel at any point in time. 98% of my posts of positive and feel good because that is how I feel 98% of the time. Of course, that leaves 2% of the posts saying more negative things, which I don’t take back because those were written while currently in whatever emotional state I was while writing them.

Sometimes these things are controversial and as the case at the moment, can have greater ramifications on my life than what I ever had imagined at the time of writing, but unfortunately that is just how it is.

A person has to stand by what they write and not be ashamed of it. Whether it be factional or fictional, every single bit of work that you produce reflects a part of you within it. It is an extension of you and how you feel at the time of writing it whether you… and everyone else around you… likes it or not.