Craig LotterWhat, I’m on my 700th post already? Wow, that went by rather quickly. From starting erratically way back in March 2007 with a rather bland test post which served as my introductory piece, to all the way here in June 2008 where I now consistently post at least one entry a day, it has been an amazing exercise in finding an outlet for my life and love of writing, as well as an entity that has now become almost a permanent fixture in my everyday life.

As time has progressed, I have found that I all of a sudden have a small, fairly dedicated readership, and that alone provides me with even more of a reason to continue this journey (though it has admittedly inadvertently censored some of my work that I perhaps would like to have posted about at times).

I have blogged about personal stuff, I have blogged about stupid stuff. I have blogged to inform, and sometimes I have blogged with the sole purpose to annoy. I have made fun of others and in turn made fun of myself. Hell, I’ve even put up jokes and comics just for the fun of it.

Even if it does sound a little conceited, I try to fill these pages with a little something of everything, because simply put, that is me. Jack of all trades, master of none, I pride myself in at least knowing something of everything – and happen to think that that is something that most people should be doing in any case.

As it is, this blog has ended up meaning quite a bit to me. At its least, it is a tool by which I can disseminate information and satisfy my craving to create something. At its most, it is a history book chronicling my life, capturing almost every aspect of my everyday life. Everything that I have achieved and experienced gets chronicled here, making it the perfect reference as to just what has and is happening in my life.

During these 700 posts, this site has undergone more than a couple of changes and alterations, changing location and host and in the end, becoming something that I can proudly say that I have shaped and moulded to be something that I AM proud of.

So with my first 700 posts behind me, I eagerly look forward to surpassing number 1000 – after all, everyone knows that a number ending in lots of zeroes simply must be cool! :)