A lot of people might wonder just why I sometimes seem so overbearingly “been there, done that” when it comes to anime, and just what it is that makes me think that I’m so anime knowledgeable in the first place then.

Well, the short answer of course is because I have watched such a lot of it. And possess a lot of it. I picked up on anime back in my third year of varsity, therefore around 2002, and haven’t looked back since. And being the organised freak that I am, I have the records to prove it! :)

Just the other day a guy jokingly said that he hasn’t met anyone with more anime than him yet, so I politely inquired as to how much he has and he replied around 600 GB. I scratched my head, smiled and said, “I’m pretty sure I have more than that”.

Of course not wanting to be a complete arse and be accused of making false statements, I went and accessed my local site that pulls together all my possessed anime stats and pulled out the following screenshot:

Anime Collection

1051 GB!?! So as you can see, I obviously don’t have much of a life! :P