Bafana BafanaThis is oh so distasteful, politically incorrect, insensitive and just plain wrong, but for some or other reason it did make me laugh – and besides, what else can one do but laugh in these troubled times?

(And besides, I don’t post nearly enough jokes or cartoons in these pages anymore anyway!)

So, the question is, why is it a certainty that South Africa will win the World Cup in 2010 when we host it here in sunny South Africa?

The answer… because South Africans are used to BEATING foreigners on home soil!!

Note: for those of you not clued in to the current state of affairs here at home (which is what makes the above joke funny, South Africa was and is still gripped by a wave of Xenophobic attacks that swept the country without warning, leaving us normal South African citizens will little choice but to shake our heads in shame at the behaviour of a handful of monkeys with no respect for the law or even human dignity and rights at that!