Amanda Coetzee and Wayne Ferreira were for many years South Africa’s only real representatives in the world of international tennis and while both of them are now retired and living like kings off all of their match earnings, Wayne at least still had a little something to hold on to in terms of an active legacy, thanks to his holding of a bona fide major world record for the most consecutive Grand Slam tournament appearances in tennis, coming in with 56 consecutive Grand Slams between 1991 and 2004, a stretch that took him 13 years to complete!

Well that was until this week when Japan’s Ai Sugiyama knocked him off his perch with her 57th straight Grand Slam appearance at this year’s Wimbledon tournament, thereby taking the record for the longest consecutive Grand Slam appearances made by either male or female tennis player.

Of course we could get all technical and say that at least Wayne still holds the record if we only take the guys into consideration, but that kind of feels like some bad loser talk. My only problem with this whole change in events is this: I’m not sure which of these fairly unattractive mugs do actually look better in the record books in the first place! :P

Wayne Ferreira

Ai Sugiyama

(Guess we’ll have to vote for Ai then simply because she has all those girlie bits. Well, I think Wayne doesn’t have those…)