EarphonesI have been going to gym for quite a number of years now, and have been with Virgin Active for more than half of those by now. First I was with Virgin Active Bellvile and now I’m with Virgin Active Somerset West. Now can someone PLEASE tell me why the hell I only took with a pair of normal 3.5mm jack earphones with me for the first time EVER this week!!?!

My goodness, what a pleasure it was to jack into the little receiver attached to all of the treadmills and exercise bikes spread out in front of the multitude of televisions fixed up on high and actually listen to what is happening on all of the stations currently showing? For the first time in literally hundreds of gym visits was I able to finally know just what the hell Sky News were going on about, listen to what VH1 was actually including in their jukebox and even watch Sharapova go down in Wimbledon! *sigh* What a huge difference it makes to those boring old bike rides and jogs out on the treadmill!

Sure I always carry my phone with its couple of loaded MP3s around when I gym (no iPod for me because music simply isn’t that big a vice) because I will never dispute the fact that a good beat is exactly the thing to motivate those tired muscles at times, but I have to admit, listening in while watching the TV sure makes one heck of a difference when tackling those tedious bits of cardio that you should be putting in with every session. It’s almost like training at home now! :)

Now all I have to do is find that fool that keeps switching that one television in the corner over to Boomerang – I love animated shows, but those classics are just too classic!