I’ve mentioned Ryan’s and my little collaboration a little while back now already, and although no concrete work has of yet materialized for our little ‘business’, I am happy to announce that we have decided to go ahead and make our little project official anyway, and have as such have finally gone live with CodeUnit.ZA.

For now, CodeUnit.ZA offers the following services to its clients: (Should you see anything here that you would like us to help you and your business out with, please feel free to contact us for any further information or to just simply request a quote)

codeunit.za logo

Web Development: Any businessman will tell you that these days it is essential that you have a web presence for your company. And if you don’t have the skills or expertise to do it yourself, then this is exactly where CodeUnit.ZA fits in. We handle both complex scripted and plain vanilla HTML sites, tailor-made to order and at the most cost-effective prices that you will ever see.

Software Development: Do you need a quick and dirty, custom-made desktop application programmed for you? Do you simply need a code module or some database coding done? CodeUnit.ZA currently provides Windows .NET application programming as well as SQL programming for most major Database types as one of its services offered.

Mobile Platforms: Do you need to run a SMS-based competition or voting poll? Do you want to create one of those cellphone subscription portals that you see advertised on television? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then know that CodeUnit.ZA are more than capable of crafting your solution for you.

Web Design: Say you already have and existing website that desperately needs a facelift or simply need a new shell of a website to populate yourself, CodeUnit.ZA can be requested to redesign (or design from scratch) any piece of Internet property that you might require.

Graphic Design: For all those smaller projects for which you need pamphlets, brochures, web imagery or simply logos designed, CodeUnit.ZA offers a solid graphic design service that is sure to realise your vision just as you had intended it!

Copy Writing: So you have an idea for a nice product or you have a good shell of a website just waiting to be realised, but don’t quite know what to say? Then let CodeUnit.ZA come up with your text for you. From item descriptions to site content to even product reviews, CodeUnit.ZA can handle nearly all your content writing chores for you!

So there you have it. Our little business on the side is finally official and having our site up at http://www.codeunit.co.za sure makes looking for business a whole lot easier! For now we are simply going to be servicing client requests, but rest assured that we do have one or two bigger independent projects in the pipelines! :)