HaircutMonday evening saw a flu-ridden Chantelle decide that for some or other reason the best cure for her at that point in time would be to have a go at cutting someone’s hair for the first time – and by someone I mean me of course. The reasoning? Well if she screws up bad enough, it shouldn’t really present too much of a problem as my mane tends to grow back at a rather rapid pace anyway – should be more than enough time to repair itself in time for Andrea’s wedding on the 12th of this month!

As luck would have it, I do actually have some clippers and a scissors stuffed away in the cupboard, and it was all nervous laughs and giggles as she drew the gleaming blade and ordered me to sit on the chair placed conveniently in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Now Chantelle has never cut hair before (admittedly neither have I) and the process began on a slow and torturous note as she gingerly nicked off millimetre by millimetre of locks at a time, a process which was bound to continue for a good couple of hours if she kept it up at that rate! Not that I minded of course – there are certain ‘benefits’ to having your partner standing in front of you and cutting your hair, benefits that don’t extend to the local hairdresser if you know what I mean! ;)

Also, the time spent straddled on a chair was just as well spent because I got to watch our fishies in their natural habitat for a good length of time, something that proved quite entertaining I must admit. As I cheered loudly for my Plecostomus who had finally managed to sucker himself to the side glass, I couldn’t help but think back and wish that we had a fish tank at mom’s place when she used to cut our hair all those times way back when!

Luckily for me though, Chantelle quickly got the hang of the process and although she was quite nervous with her final result, I quickly reassured her that it actually looks pretty damn NICE! I like it! :)

So it seems babe that should the tourism industry take a complete nose-dive in the near future, you now can rest assured that you have yet another skill to fall back on!