Dean StapelbergSaturday evening was Dean’s planned hamburger braai evening, which would explain why I met up with Chantelle in Bellville at her mom’s place just before 18:00 (I skipped out on what must have been a torturous day of shopping – shame Retha!) and off we headed to Spar to pick up our provisions and the on to Dean and Zania’s place, which surprisingly we actually managed to find without any difficulties for a change! (It MUST have been because Chantelle was driving)

There we met up with Dean, Zania, Jemona and Terrance and kicked off proceedings by setting up Dean’s little Weber-like braai in the rain, sheltered just enough by the overhang that we could actually get things going and start up a nice warming fire for the rest of us to huddle around. As always Dean did a sterling job as tongmaster (although I’m not sure if braaing hamburger patties qualify you as a tongmaster) and it wasn’t too long before we were back into the warm house to get to work in crafting our monster hamburgers that had everything but the kitchen sink on it! Zania tried to cheat us a little by hiding the fried onions and cheese until after we had finished our masterpieces, but once the cat was out of the bag it was back to the drawing board (counter?) in order to complete our ‘mahoosive’ burgers! :)

Combined with some yummy potato bake and some delectable chocolate mousse for desert, the six of us enjoyed a delicious supper and some good conversation to drive us further into a cold winter’s evening, with Zania throwing a little entertainment into the mix by showing off some funny internet video clips just for fun’s sake.

But once the coffee was finished and the words all said and done, it was time to break out the war paint and get to grips with Dean’s newly purchased Balderdash, a game that some of the girls were understandably quite nervous to try out. However, after a quick fire glance over the rules and a short test round, everyone was raring to go and we were soon lying through our teeth to try and get those all important points to try and progress to the head of the board.

After lots of hilarious definitions – both made up and the actual answers, Dean emerged as the ultimate champion, thereby unanimously being crowned as the biggest kak talker of them all! Despite my swivel cannon affixed to the back of a camel card, all I managed to take back from the game was the fact that Chantelle and I are obviously fated to be together – twice Chantelle and I managed to provide basically the same definition to a question! Surely that MUST mean something! :)

In any event, a great evening was had by all and with the final roll of the dice it was time to hit the road for some well deserved sleepy time back in the cold and very wet Gordon’s Bay.

Update: and while the sleep was indeed particularly good and well deserved, waking up in the middle of a puddle was definitely not so great. It would seem that the attempts at waterproofing the balcony above us has finally failed for good – which explains the buckets we now have in the main bedroom :(