PizzaOh man did we make a cheesy rookie mistake on Sunday afternoon!

After a delightful sleep in on a very wet and muggy Sunday morning, followed by being dragged through to a shopping centre on the outskirts of Stellenbosch to pick up some top for the upcoming wedding on Saturday, Chantelle then decided that Sunday afternoon was to be pizzas and Finding Nemo, the seemingly perfect way to spend a winter’s Sunday afternoon.

However, a normal Debonairs or St. Elmos pizza it was not to be. No, instead she hungered after the pizzas from Al Forno’s, the quaint little Italian restaurant situated on the main road in Gordon’s Bay, overlooking a rather grey sea I might add. So we arrived at the restaurant, placed our take away order and then ambled about outside, checking the prices of houses and eavesdropping on other patrons’ conversations.

Eventually the waitress brought us our two boxes and I threw down the cash and off we hopped into the car, excitedly driving home for the prospect of some yummy pizza!

And as Murphy’s Law would have it, the minute we got inside and opened the boxes, we knew we had been right idiots – you ALWAYS check your pizzas before leaving the shop!! *Sigh*

A quick phone call to verify that the waitress had indeed made a mistake and swapped dockets, and Chantelle was back in the car and off to collect the right stuff while I got to switch on the TV and await her return – hey, it was her plan to get the pizzas after all, wasn’t it?! ;)