BedroomOf course, I’ve got nothing on the thousands of people currently left homeless after all this torrential rain the Western Cape has been suffering this past week or so, so this little post may seem a little pedantic in the light of their plight, but nevertheless, this is my blog and thus my life I get to write about.

All of which brings me to the current quandary in my life, namely the leaking ceiling in my main bedroom. Now while we were aware of the leak when we first moved in, enough pressure was applied and the caretaker eventually took care of the problem before winter properly kicked in – or so we had thought.

It turns out that while the hasty waterproofing job held up perfectly fine for all the light rain that we’ve experienced since moving in here 3 or so months ago, it certainly couldn’t withstand the full fury of the current spate of bad weather we’ve been having and the result of it all is that I currently have a bucket out in the middle of the room, surrounded on all sides by towels to soak up the drips that it might miss.

We’ve already moved the room around so that it affects us in the least way possible, but the result is that my side of the bed is now squashed almost right up against the window and I now have to tiptoe past the drawers and the laundry basket just to get around to my side! (And for some or other reason Chantelle is not so happy when I dive over her to get to my end at night!)

Thankfully though she took a pity on my plight and tried to make things better by cooking us a fabulous supper on Monday evening, consisting of roast chicken, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin – my eyes were tearing with joy after realising that this was the first time literally in months that she had actually cooked for me!

Of course, a single supper is not enough to ease my woes, so I also went out this week to buy us a nifty little snackwich machine, something I’ve been wanted to get for ages now, particularly since I never bothered replacing after the last robbery at my old flat. That seems to have done the trick and I’m feeling far more warm and fuzzy on the inside now…

…until I remembered that Ryan leaves on his big European holiday tour today. Luck bugger is visiting all the big countries and seeing all the big sights, before ending his two or three week vacation off by spending a weekend with his friend in England. *sigh* Now I’m REALLY jealous! :(

In any event Ryan, have an awesome trip overseas and come back safely – and make sure Piggy appears in every single photograph you take! Have fun! :)