Suit HireMan, I can’t quite get over the rip off I encountered hiring a pants from a suit hire place for yesterday’s wedding. Now my job being the casual job that it is, pretty much means that I don’t own any fancy clothes (much to Chantelle’s disappointment of course) and that means that whenever a special event raises its head, I’m in desperate need of a wardrobe upgrade.

Now despite my gym routine that is finally back on track, it is a long road until I get back to a figure point where I was when I first met Chantelle meaning that for Saturday’s wedding I would without a doubt need a new pair of pants.

Fortunately for me, Chantelle loves shopping more than I do, and thankfully she’s also my style consultant (not that I ever listen to her though) and so it was with a little protest that I let her lead me to the shops during the week for a whirlwind attempt at buying pants. Unfortunately for me though, I am seemingly currently between sizes which is a particularly frustrating thing when a) you are in a hurry and b) your girlfriend expects the pants to look good on you.

So it was with much frustration that I eventually said “Damn it, let’s leave the shopping and simply go and hire a pair of pants for Saturday – after all, I am probably never going to wear it again anyway!”

Agreeing with me, and frustrated by the bundles of pants that I had already tried on in the Woolworths’ changing room alone, Chantelle and I left the shopping and sneaked out the next day in order to hire the damn pants instead.

Now while my geographical knowledge of the Gordon’s Bay/Strand area is not that great yet, I do know that there is a suit hire place called “Smart Men Suit Hire” right next to the gym, and so off we toddled to the shop where we were eventually helped by one of the assistants there. Admittedly, even the suit hire place couldn’t really do anything for my figure and the eventual pants that we settled on just had to do the trick – even if Chantelle wasn’t all that happy with it.

However, the real shock for the afternoon came when I wanted to pay for the hire of the one pair of pants for one day only – R120!

What the hell, that is almost exactly what I would have paid to buy the same bloody pants at Woolworths! Unfortunately for me though I was out of time and out of options, so I paid the exorbitant price and left – still fuming and plotting my revenge.

Maybe a stain of tomato sauce would be in order?